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I’m about to share with you the very real truth about my lazy Internet income. Every day I wake up and check my email.  And every day I find an email from AlertPay and Just Been Paid telling me I received money.  

This is just so crazy because I only spend five minutes a day to make tens or hundreds of dollars a day and sometimes much much more!  And you know what... its so damn easy anybody can do it!  

I don’t need to call anyone or sell anything.  I don’t need to bother family or friends to refer them into any business.  I don’t have to read pages and pages of marketing material or watch hours of ‘how to’ videos.  I literally do nothing but five minutes of admin a day and watch the dollars roll in.

Now, I’m not gonna give you my life story and feed you a load of rubbish about how my life really sucked and how this amazing Internet opportunity turned things around... blah blah blah!  But I am going to show you real LIVE proof of my  income.  

Yes... this is the real money that I make and get paid every single day of the week (unless I’m compounding at 100%).  And when I say it’s live, I really mean ‘live’.
This proof is updated once or twice daily,  right after I receive a commission or a payment.  

Check out this screenshot of my back office...  

Ok..., so what you see there is my account transaction history.  There are three main transactions that happen daily (or two when compounding at 100%)....

1. ‘Daily Earnings for Active Positions’ - This is the daily commission I earn.   Notice how it gets bigger every day!

2. ‘Payment for New Position(s)’ - This is part of my daily compounding strategy.  Its the amount I reinvest to increase my income on a daily basis.

3. ‘Transfer to Main JSS Account’ - This is the money I withdraw to my AlertPay account...  It’s what I actually choose to pay myself!   

Now, here’s the good part.  The real proof that those actual withdrawal requests really do hit my AlertPay account every day within 24 hours and without fail!
Remember, this takes only five minutes effort each day.  You don’t need to refer anyone, but if you choose to you can certainly make more money.  JSS-Tripler offers a lucrative referal bonus of 10% for any spend of someone you refer directly and a further 5% for any spend of someone they refer.

Plus there is the added bonus of  automatic JSS matrix positions, which helps you actually triple your investment and earns you yet more money.  This might seem a little complicated, but hang in there with me as the JSS matrix positions are at the heart of the 5 Just Been Paid programs and move you into the BIG Money Phase!

For every 4 JSS-Tripler positions you have, when they mature after 75 days they stop paying you 2% per day, but you automatically get 1 JSS matrix position.  This is a 2x2 matrix which takes 6 positions to fill under yours.  When this matrix position fills, you get a $60 rebate (commission).  So it makes sense to buy your JSS-Tripler positions in multiples of four.

Plus... if you compound daily like I do, you will get JSS matrix positions on a daily basis.  Each with the potential to earn you $60 when they fill.  And the beauty is that 50% of your JSS matrix positions created from your matured JSS-Tripler positions will fill your own JSS matrixes.  Yes, that does sound complicated, but all you need to remember is to buy your JSS-Tripler positions in multiples of four and to compound daily when you can...  After that, the rest is automated easy money!  

Here’s a great example. On 3rd August 2011, 9 of my JSS matrixes were filled earning me a cool $540... in one day!  Plus, at that time I had 78 unfilled positions worth $4680.  By the time you read this, I will have even more JSS matrix positions giving me a greater income potential.  And all I do is spend 5 minutes effort each day compounding positions and withdrawing money.

Check out this screenshot of my JSS matrix positions on 3rd August 2011...

This is my actual ALERTPAY account
Ok... you’ve seen the proof, now it’s time to take action and start making yourself lots of easy money.... Just like me!

You can join JSS-Tripler FREE today and learn how to easily make money with this amazing Internet opportunity by clicking on any of the SIGN UP links and banners on this web page.

“JSS-Tripler is Indefinitely Sustainable, You Cannot Fail!”

  Kevin Waldron
And... finally, if you still need convincing that JSS-Tripler actually puts real money in it’s member’s pockets,  I’m including a screenshot of my actual UK bank account below.  

This is where I withdraw funds to from my AlertPay account.  AlertPay use Barclays Bank PLC.  In the following screenshot you can see I’ve searched for all Bank Giro Credit (BGC) transactions in the last 3 months.  These are flagged at Envoy, Earthport PLC or show the AlertPay reference number.  

I can withdraw this money daily, weekly, monthly, however I want, in whatever quantities I choose and for whatever purpose!  
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