How JSS Tripler Works

How JSS Tripler Works

This is a summary below of how JSS Tripler works.

Essentially you are investing money in what are called “positions” at $10 a time. Each position does pay you 2% per day. However these are the 2 points to bear in mind:

  1. You only receive this for the first 75 days (before the position expires / matures and goes into the JSS Matrix).
  2. You can’t cash these positions in as such….

BUT if you stop and think about it, if you invest $100, then after 75 days (if you invest no more money) you will be receiving back $150 – that’s pretty impressive! And then after that you can earn further bonuses of $60 for each set of 4 positions in the matrix. I’m still a little unclear as to exactly how long this takes – but a quick 50% return is amazing – followed by a potential further $150 (i.e $60 / 4 positions = $15 per position bonus).
So overall you would be making $300 for the cost of $100. That’s why I am continuing to invest in this program!
    • $10 Positions — Multiple Purchases Allowed
    • Earn 2%+ per Day — 60%+ per Month!
    • Increase Earnings with Daily Compounding!
    • No Sponsoring Requirements!
    • Two-Tier Referral Bonuses: 10% and 5%!
    • Daily Withdrawals!
  • Revolutionary Breakthrough Makes JSS-Tripler Indefinitely Sustainable!
I will add further analysis here describing the breakthrough described above which should help this program to avoid the mistakes of others, and to prevent it collapsing. In the meantime, see my updates on how I’m getting on.

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