Funding JSS Tripler Accounts

Funding JSS Tripler Accounts

To start making money out of JSS Tripler you obviously need to make an investment! To do this you will first need to fund your JSS account, and then fund your JSS Tripler account from this.

As it’s now looking a bit expensive to withdraw money via the AlertPay route it’s probably best to use the Solid Trust Pay method.

So first step – sign-up for a SolidTrustPay personal account:

When signing up for an account – it says “All fields are required!” – and it means it! (That includes the tick box at the bottom that you’ve read all the T&Cs).

You will also need to generate 2 strong passwords (about 14 characters long). You can use this free tool:

So double-check that you HAVE definitely entered all the fields – and then check again!
That’s because if it reloads the screen after missing a field, it makes you enter most of the data all over again!

I suggest copying and pasting the generated passwords into a word document – both as a record and also in case you need to re-enter the above fields because you’ve forgotten something.

From here you should be able to load your JSS account with the required amount. Or if not, you just request payment via the JSS Tripler Financials page.

If you haven’t already signed up to JSS Tripler and you want to give it a go just click HERE

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