My JSS Tripler Experience

My JSS Tripler Experience

I started my investment on 3rd Oct 2011 – by buying $640 of JSS Tripler positions ($10 each). This was funded from my AlertPay account (this is very similar to PayPal – but is one of the 2 chosen payment providers for JSS Tripler).
Below is a screen shot from my first steps into the system. I put in $640 because that was the maximum that I could fund the account with, in a month, via credit card, and it was something I felt comfortable with, and was going to make a difference to me in terms of earnings.
JSS Tripler screen shot - starting off
And below you can see my total earnings to date are $531.60 – so I’ve almost got my money back already (although obviously I’m choosing to re-invest a fair chunk to begin with).
JSS Tripler - financials - the first few weeks

Since then I have been receiving the 2% payments daily into my JSS Tripler account. Then I have been re-investing / compounding my earnings by buying more JSS Tripler positions. In the last week, or so, of October I have got my daily earnings up to $20 per day. I’ve now chosen to take out $10 per day (approx) to my main “parent” JSS account, as pay, and continue to buy 1 more position per day at $10.

I have also now requested, and received $76, into my AlertPay account, as actual earnings.

Obviously this is just the start! Click on how it works for more details or if you want to get started right now, register for free with JSS Tripler here. Then to fund your account get a free SolidTrustPay account or Personal Pro AlertPay account.
Click HERE to get started!

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