JSS Tripler Restarts

JSS Tripler Restart

The JSS Tripler Restart - the second one!
So last last weekend (the first weekend of January 2012) was the second JSS Tripler restart. This was unwelcome as it saw quite a big dip in earnings, and was far quicker than anticipated. Basically the JSS Tripler restart feature means that a lot of your positions expire and go over into the JSS Matrix. In other words they are no longer earning you 2% per day.
However there are 2 plus points to be taken from this:

  1. The first being that it means that your positions will be eligible to get the $60 rebate far more quickly (once you get 4 positions filled together)
  2. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s only by carrying out a restart from time to time that a program like this could possibly survive – since paying out 3 times what you’ve put in (less your investment) – is never going to be sustainable. However, by reducing its obligations in this way, does at least mean that JSS Tripler is far more likely to be sustainable.

Also, they are now looking at reducing the obligations they are paying out for referral commissions, which could extend the time between Restarts.
So for me, this gives me more reason to carry on, and if you want to try JSS Tripler yourself click here
JSS Tripler Restart effects

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