Monday, January 30, 2012

Try JSS Tripler for FREE!

Let me give you one small secret no one else is giving you.. 


Thats right, absolutely free.

The account is free.

The signup is free.

Everything needed to get you in the door is free.

So say, once you get in, you think "Hey, this is my hard earned money we're talking about here.. What if I am not sure this is what I want to do with my money?"

Glad you asked.. In the members area of the site, there is a "Test drive system"  Yes, thats right, you can get 1000$ of play money, to "Test drive" in the system to see how it works, and what you can make!  Here is some info directly from the site:

When you access the test-drive system, your account is automatically credited with $1,000 "play money." You can buy up to 10 "positions" per day. You can also buy "placements" for $5 each. But because it's just "play money, you can't withdraw any "earnings!"

To provide you with the most realistic experience possible, all the data is purged at the end of each week. A new test drive starts every Monday. If you started your test drive near the end of a week, you may want to start a new test drive as early as possible during the next week.

The purpose of the test-drive system is to provide a first-hand experience of how the most important "mechanics" of the JSS systems and how they work. Because the test-drive system is different from the real system, the time it takes for matrixes to get filled will be different between the systems.

Although there are no sponsoring requirements, in the real system you can always sponsor people to fill your matrix and quickly grow your positions.

What are you waiting for?  
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My JSS Tripler Experience

I started my investment on 3rd Oct 2011 – by buying $640 of JSS Tripler positions ($10 each). This was funded from my AlertPay account (this is very similar to PayPal – but is one of the 2 chosen payment providers for JSS Tripler).
Below is a screen shot from my first steps into the system. I put in $640 because that was the maximum that I could fund the account with, in a month, via credit card, and it was something I felt comfortable with, and was going to make a difference to me in terms of earnings.
JSS Tripler screen shot - starting off
And below you can see my total earnings to date are $531.60 – so I’ve almost got my money back already (although obviously I’m choosing to re-invest a fair chunk to begin with).
JSS Tripler - financials - the first few weeks

Since then I have been receiving the 2% payments daily into my JSS Tripler account. Then I have been re-investing / compounding my earnings by buying more JSS Tripler positions. In the last week, or so, of October I have got my daily earnings up to $20 per day. I’ve now chosen to take out $10 per day (approx) to my main “parent” JSS account, as pay, and continue to buy 1 more position per day at $10.

I have also now requested, and received $76, into my AlertPay account, as actual earnings.

Obviously this is just the start! Click on how it works for more details or if you want to get started right now, register for free with JSS Tripler here. Then to fund your account get a free SolidTrustPay account or Personal Pro AlertPay account.
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How JSS Tripler Works!

How JSS Tripler Works

This is a summary below of how JSS Tripler works.

Essentially you are investing money in what are called “positions” at $10 a time. Each position does pay you 2% per day. However these are the 2 points to bear in mind:

  1. You only receive this for the first 75 days (before the position expires / matures and goes into the JSS Matrix).
  2. You can’t cash these positions in as such….

BUT if you stop and think about it, if you invest $100, then after 75 days (if you invest no more money) you will be receiving back $150 – that’s pretty impressive! And then after that you can earn further bonuses of $60 for each set of 4 positions in the matrix. I’m still a little unclear as to exactly how long this takes – but a quick 50% return is amazing – followed by a potential further $150 (i.e $60 / 4 positions = $15 per position bonus).
So overall you would be making $300 for the cost of $100. That’s why I am continuing to invest in this program!
    • $10 Positions — Multiple Purchases Allowed
    • Earn 2%+ per Day — 60%+ per Month!
    • Increase Earnings with Daily Compounding!
    • No Sponsoring Requirements!
    • Two-Tier Referral Bonuses: 10% and 5%!
    • Daily Withdrawals!
  • Revolutionary Breakthrough Makes JSS-Tripler Indefinitely Sustainable!
I will add further analysis here describing the breakthrough described above which should help this program to avoid the mistakes of others, and to prevent it collapsing. In the meantime, see my updates on how I’m getting on.

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